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Web Development

Web Designing with Flash makes our website heavy which are slow to load. Flash contents can't be read by search engines. So flash is not SEO friendly. FSOT don't recomend to use Flash in websites, but animations are necessary for good websites. Thats why we use CSS3 to create animated effects in websites which are faster to load and also are SEO friendly. We also use HTML5 as replacemnt of Flash in many cases.

Images take time to load which make our site slower. Images are unreadable for search engines thats why images are not SEO friendly. FSOT ignores images as much as possible. We use images when it is mendatory. We use CSS3 to create image like effects. JQuery also helps HTML5 to avoid as images as possible. We prefer use HTML5 and CSS3 and JQuery as much as possible to avoid images. This approach of FSOT make webistes load quickly and also make thier SEO ranking better.

FSOT prefers JQuery instead of JavaScript for web development and AJAX to created dynamic effects on Websites. JQuery is supported by all modern web browsers. It has become essential for every professional website development today. We use Open Source technologies like PHP with MySql to develop dynamic Websites.

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